Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

State Benefits: Recording of Discharges, Employment Preference, Educational Benefits, Reemployment and Layoff Rights, Military Retirement Credit, Special Veteran License Plates, Fishing/Hunting License Fees, State and National Park Passes, Reduced Public Transportation Fees. State Programs: PTSD Counseling – 1-800-562-2308, Homeless Veteran Reintegration Project – 1-800-562-2308, Veteran Estate Management Program – 1-800-562-2308, State Veterans Homes – 1-877-838-7787. Also, The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs stands ready to provide guidance to the families of Veterans, including Medical Benefits for Dependents and Survivors, Burial Benefits, Death Pension, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), PTSD Counseling, Home Loan Guarantees, Educational Assistance, Employment Preference, and Veterans Assistance Fund.

The House of Matthew Transitional Services, Homeless Prevention & Life-skills Center

Transitional and Re-integrative Housing Now Available – The House of Matthew Transitional Services provides services to homeless residents of Pierce County. Don’t let being employed or past experiences stop you from having a quality of life, THM has shared housing units available for the homeless and those with limited or no income. THM provides help through its Rapid Employment Program and accepts persons receiving benefits such as SSI or unemployment. Don’t let anything stop you from scheduling an Intake Appointment Today!
web: www.thehouseofmatthew.org

Rainer Therapeutic Riding

Rainier Therapeutic Riding receives no government funding and charges no tuition, instead, relies on individual donations, grants, and fundraising events to provide these life-changing programs. Rainier Therapeutic Riding is a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center, having demonstrated excellence in providing quality equine-assisted activities. They serve active-duty and veteran service members suffering from the visible and invisible wounds of war.
web: www.rtriding.org

MDC Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Making a difference in community (MDC) provides outreach to veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, assess’ eligibility for services, provides opportunities for housing, provides intense navigation to agreed upon services, supports through case management to increase skills and income of participant, offers free legal services that lead to stable housing, provides skilled staff to help with obtaining and changing both VA and disability benefits, and may provide financial support that directly leads to housing. Every client must have documentation of their veteran status, income verification documentation, or be willing to certify themselves as homeless.
web: www.mdc-hope.org

Access Point 4 Housing

Access Point 4 Housing offers a central point of entry for households experiencing homelessness or those that will be homeless within 72 hours. Access Point 4 Housing provides a housing specialist to work with you to provide information about emergency shelters and additional resources. (253)-682-3401
web: www.associatedministries.org

Puget Sound Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy for Veterans and Their Families is offered.Here are examples of possible benefits of music therapy for service members, veterans, and their families: Physical, cognitive, speech rehabilitation due to TBI, stroke, Parkinson’s, and other neurological disorders, pain management, emotional benefits, provide safe and supportive environment for expressing feelings, helps to build support system, and aids in transition and integration into the community. Call today for a free consulation. (253)-448-1400
web: www.PugetSoundMusicTherapy.com

Evergreen Empowerment Group

The EEG is a nonprofit, community based organization of professionals assisting people with their expungement needs. Our current organization is nestled in Tacoma’s historic Hilltop area. The EEG was birthed from legal clinics created at The Evergreen State College in 2012, at those clinics we witnessed several members of our community experience success with clearning their criminal records. Throughout our few years, the people we have empowered have gone on to access employment and safe affordable housing. We strive to assist those in need. The freedom to clear a criminal background is a new lease on life and here at EEG we welcome the opportunity to serve you. We are not attorneys but paralegals and cannot offer legal advice. Phone- (253)-365-6310

Pierce County HOUSING RESOURCES 2014

We offer legal assistance for housing issues such as eviction, foreclosure, disability accomidation, mobile home, building condemned, repairs, safety or health problems, and more.
Phone: (253)-572-5134
web: http://www.tacomaprobono.org/

Work of Honor

A company dedicated to bringing businesses quality, veteran employees.
web: https://www.workofhonor.com/jobs


A coordinated transportation network that allows veterans and others to access the services they need. VetsGO includes information about a wide range of transportation resources to ensure that the mobility needs of all types of veterans are met, including those who can drive themselves or ride public transportation, and those who need a higher level of service such as a taxicab ride or assistance from a volunteer driver. Increased awareness of and simplified access to transportation services will allow veterans to more easily connect with service providers and community resources.
web: http://www.vets-go.com/find-a-ride

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